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Welcome to my site, I'm Carl Parrish, the founder and CEO of PCL Design and Consulting, a Software Consulting firm in Tempe Arizona. And a open source evangelist. If you want to know more about me vist my google profile page

Making an Impact

It seems to be far *far* easier to destroy a thing rather than to try to create. Perhaps that's why when we hear of something we don't feel should be in the world we rush to grab our pitch forks and torches. Problem is it never seems to work. Creating a war on drugs does not stop drug use. It creates an arms race, a distraction that the human race doesn't really have the time for. If you really want to fight drugs create activities or some other substitution of drugs, or better yet try dealing with the reasons people take drugs in the first place.

How technology just changed the way you will buy toliet paper

I've been considering the ramifications of the AmazonFresh announcement and started thinking about the inevitable APIs that they are going to connect to this service.

Notes on Google I/O keynote

Raspberry PI

I haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do with it yet, but I just ordered a Raspberry PI I figured I would detail my process of whatever this project ends up being here on my blog. If you're interested in learning more about Raspberry PI here is a good interview.

Taking action to save the World

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Scott Pilgrim

I'm not a movie critic. Critics seem to spend all their time telling you why a movie sucks. I'm a movie fan. I like sharing when I find good movies. Its actually hard for me to find the motivation to talk about bad movies. When a movie like Scott Pilgrim vs the World comes along however all I want to do is talk about it. I could say that the movie is about how anything worth having is worth fighting for. Or that its a wake up call for a slacker generation. Or that each relationship we enter into becomes our future baggage. That true changes can only happen when we make them for ourselves.

My new favorite Song

Do you know what today is?

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